Laser is producing poor and inconsistent results Co2 130w

I own a Thunder Nova 63 Co2 130w laser. A consistent issue I am having is inconsistent results. I place a 1/4" piece of acrylic (material is flat and anchored using pins inserted into honeycomb in the bed, send the file via light burn, and I get a perfect cut. Speed/Power(%) 14/97. At this speed and power the laser usually burns clean through the acrylic. I then repeat the process. Identical everything, including placement on the bed, even the acrylic is from the same sheet. Only this time anywhere from 30-70% of the laser does not penetrate the acrylic material. Thunder is working with me to try and figure out what is going on. I have done the following to try and remedy. This is not repeatable every time yet about 30% of my user cuts fail due to a partial laser penetration. I am wondering if perhaps this could be some kind of power fluctuation within my environment that is causing the laser power to decrease in intensity. Any help would be appreciated.

Turn laser on and off, unplug laser and plug back in, clean all mirrors, check laser alignment, replace all mirrors, use different laser heads, remove something called “optiosolator”, make sure bed is not out of alignment, create a new light burnfile.

Attached is a photo of a puzzle I cut (or tried to cut in which a large area of the laser was unable to penetrate.

If it starts well and fades out during the job, maybe it’s the power supply heating up and losing enthusiasm:

Something seems to be going on with sickly high-power lasers in the last couple of weeks. :grin:

  1. properly working tube
  2. clean and aligned optics
  3. proper focus

If you have these three, it will work… clearly missing one or more of them…

When you did the alignment, did you check the resonance mode of the tube at m1? It should be TEM00, if not it will never align correctly.

If it’s got the proper resonance, go to number 2…

Good luck


14% power or 97% power? speed in units of mm/s or inch per second?

Is your cooling water (or coolant) warmer on the second test? Are all first-passes of the day working properly?

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