Laser is showing as 'Disconnected' when it's not

Laser is showing as ‘Disconnected’ when it’s actually connected.

I’ve just set up my Sculpfun S9 and connected to my MacBook Air M1 running Monterey.

I followed the Lightburn installation procedure which automatically detected the GRBL controller connected via cu.usbserial-10.

However, In the ‘Laser’ panel it states “Disconnected”.

I’ve tried to re-establish the connection several times with power off and again with power on but it remains disconnected.

I’ve also tried removing the device and re-installing it without success.

If I click ‘Start’ I get an error message stating that my laser might be busy or paused.

Have you tried rebooting your computer?

No, I haven’t tried rebooting my MacBook but I did try a completely different approach, which worked…

…I walked away from my MacBook and made myself a steaming hot mug of coffee. I reconnected my laser, relaunched LightBurn and the status suddenly changed to ‘Ready’.

I didn’t do anything different or change any settings so I’m not entirely sure what was going on but I highly recommend walking away and returning with a cool head and a hot coffee when things get too stressful.

If you’re in this situation again try right-clicking on the Device button the Laser window. That will force a reconnect attempt.

I tried doing that numerous times after previously reading about the issue in other forums but it didn’t work for me.

Thanks though for your suggestion. I’ll certainly try it again if it happens again. If all else fails then I’ll just get another coffee.

I suggested the re-boot since I have the problem? if I start the computer before starting the laser.
Re-booting fixes the issue every time for me.

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