Laser is slow when recording too much detail

I use a MKS DLC v2.1 controller card in my CO2 Laser with GRBL. However I noticed that when recording where it requires a little more detail the speed reduces a lot, causing some problems in the quality of the work. The first is that the recording is not all in the same pitch or depth. Another problem is that working time goes up considerably depending on the work performed. And the most serious of all is that this reduction and constant acceleration during work causes loss of steps in the engines, where I lose my jobs.
In the video you can see that the start of the recording is ok, however when advancing the recording and reaching regions with more details the laser starts to reduce the speed of the X axis. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Has anyone been through this and could you help me?

Video link to youtube

You see, when making an engraving with a lot of details, the laser is “stopping” to make the engraving. In addition to increasing time, the X axis is losing step. Please can anyone help?
I put another video on Youtube for you to watch. Even by the sound it is possible to see that something is wrong.

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