Laser is to fast to the starting point from origin

I am using the atomstack rotary and the item gets shifted when the laser goes to the starting point of the burn. Is there a way to slow down the laser when it goes from the job origin to the starting point of the burn?

Hi Mike,

Yes - you can slow down the global max speed, although I would suggest you ensure your belts are correctly tensioned and your laser moves smoothly through the full range of motion before changing these settings. Lost motion issues like what you describe are almost always due to loose belts or rough spots in the motion components.

Is the lost motion in the rotary axis, or in the linear axis above the part?

belts seem to be tight and the rollers are all good and smooth. all the burns that I have done have come out beautiful but when I try and center something on the item with something that is already there it moves off center. It acts like when the rollers move to the starting point there is so much movement that the torque throws off the item. I am burning small items like pens. Where would you change the global max speed?

I believe the loss of motion is in the rotary axis.

The offending axes ‘acceleration’ needs to be lowered… you can’t accelerate a mug on a wheel or roller type rotary like you can the head.

Save your current configuration before modifying anything. I keep multiple configuration files so I can change to the rotary and ‘load’ and ‘write’ it to the controller and I’m set. The reverse is true…

Good luck


So that changes the x axis speed for both burning and moving from origin to starting point. So my burning is a lot slower now then before. Is that the only way to change it?

If you lowered your global max speed more than needed you can raise it back up and fine-tune your engraver for what works well in your work area.

I tend to run well below the machine limits to chase precision. In cases where time is money, some folks will spend a day or two finding the fastest speeds and accelerations that the physics will allow to improve production rates.

Thank you. I think I will do like Jack said and have multiple saved settings so I can change when I use the rotary tool verses normal. Thank you all for your help with this. It has been a pain in my side not being able to center things on my pens.

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