Laser issue with laptop

Hi everyone
Please help I’m new to this community group, i hope that there’s someone that can help.
I stall a lasertree LT-4LDS-V1 on my machine if i switch on my machine no problem everything looks all that, until i turn on my laptop,my laptop is not in windows yet my laser light up really to cut.
What can cause that behavior

Thanks Jack

Can you explain what you mean by this?

There is no reason you need to power them up in any order, but I’d plug it in after windows loads…

This shouldn’t matter as the machine needs to be told to lase… wonder what else is happening…


Hi ,Ok let me explain what is happening with the laser, if i turn on my laptop and go in to lightburn (at this point my machine is still off) lightburn is now ready now i will switch on my machine the minute i release the e-stop for the machine to start-up the laser comes on.
Now i can do the opposite of that start the machine first then the laptop the same happens the minute i press the on button on the laptop the laser comes on.
It wasn’t like that the day i install the new laser i used the machine that day for 6 hours plus, the following morning thats when it starts doing this funny stuff, i will try to upload a video