Laser issues - Ruida

Hi, I have a problem with my Ruida
The laser head doesn’t move more than a few centimeters in the y-axis, on ruida it shows that it is at the appropriate 600mm point (the y-axis size of the whole laser) but it has only moved a few centimeters
I tried doing a factory reset but nothing helped
Also it moves much slower in the y axis than the x, how do I solve the problem?

Do you have the rotary enabled by chance?

Is there a difference units between them.

Such as Lightburn set for inches and the machine for mm?


It seems to me on first thoughts that there are two things that can directly cause this. The step length (for the axis in the vendor settings section of the machine settings) and stepper driver settings for the axis are your two configurable factors.

As far as I understand it, the machine uses the step length to know how many pulses to send to the stepper motor driver, and the stepper motor driver’s settings (e.g. microstepping) determine how many pulses equal one rotation. The third factor, which you can’t easily reconfigure, is just the machine’s physical characteristics that determine how much distance is actually traveled per rotation of the stepper motor.

If you wanted to work things out from first principles, you could just check/measure all the parameters. Find your step length from the settings. Get your stepper motor driver settings from the DIP switches or jumpers. Then command a move of some arbitrary large distance and measure the actual distance traveled (e.g. by engraving a line along the Y axis). With those values, I believe we could math out the solution space.

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