Laser jitters and skips

I have the software for approx. three years and finally I just upgraded it. It might be only a setting problem? What it does now is that it “jitters” and quite often partially skips! the burning on my design. I cleaned out the cache in my laptop and reinstalled the software, but no luck! I also have the software Laser GRBL on my Pc and have no issues with it and that software works fine. So I hope that it is only a setting problem in the Lightburn software and maybe somebody can guide me through the problem. I have not contacted Lightburn yet and hopefully I can get help in here first.
I also include two samples pictures what I mean.

No, you didn’t.

and without knowing what you have as a machine, controller, software, PC, not really able to discern what your problem is.

I have a Atomstack A5 30W and I am using LightBurn 0.9.20.
The burn on top left is done with the software Laser GRBL and that is working just fine.

That was done as a fill, and the LightBurn job appears to be done as just lines, so they’re not comparing the same things.

Can you post the file you’re trying to burn in LightBurn? I can check the settings. With a diode on light colored wood, it could honestly be that you’re going a bit too fast and the wood is reflecting most of the beam power.

Sorry, I dont know if my last answer went out ore not!
I made a sample on maple veneer,
Speed mm: 200
Power : 50% and same problem like before.
Thanks for your time.

ich bin kein Profi aber als erstes würde ich testen ob es reproduzierbar ist. Also mehrfach sie gleichen Linien an neuer Stelle brennen. Die gleichen Linien auch mit Laser-GRBL brennen. Sind die Fehler nur bei LightBurn dann liegt das Problem sehr wahrscheinlich an der Software. Sind die Fehler immer vorhanden dann hast du Probleme mit Deinem Laser. Du solltest nur Linien zum Testen benutzen und diese dürfen auch nur 1 mal gebrannt werden.
Sollte der Fehler an LightBurn liegen würde ich der Service kontaktieren.

Gruß Rolf

Rolf, “contacting the service” is probably not necessary, it is always on the sidelines and as “service” - Oz writes, it will be most constructive if Franco comes with the data that was asked to solve the problem.

I hope this helps!


ist das Problem jetzt gelöst? Wenn ja sagt mir bitte was das Problem verursacht hat damit ich nicht den gleichen Fehler mache.
Warum hast du den “performation Mode” eingeschaltet?

Hi Rolf,
No, I still have the problem.
Why the performation Mode is on, good question-I never changed that, not that I can remember.

Hi Franco,
Try turning off performance mode. What happens if you increase power? Have you made a series with different speeds / power?
Do the power settings in Laser GBRL match those of LightBurn? What do you get when you enter $ 32 in the console.

Definitely turn off perforation mode - that’s going to cause problems for sure because it reduces the output power.

Thank you guys :hugs: problem solved!! It was the perforation Mode…I will keep an eye on that box!
Thanks again!

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