Laser just started to burn constantly

The first few times that I burned an image everything was fine. Since then once the laser starts burning it will not stop. It is burning constantly, even when I stop and send it to the origin. I am using a Ortur Laser Master 2 20w.

Check your wires, especially the white TTL wire. I had an intermittent break in mine from repeated bending in the cable chain. My laser would fire in the areas that I later determined with a continuity test that the wire was not making contact.

Checked all connections multiple times.

You may have a bad laser module.

Reach to us at please
If your machine is from late december/early jan your board might have a problem
This can be diagnosed very easy this way
with your multimeter you measured as in this instructions yes? video LINK

IF 0.0v = board ok so we need to diagnose more
If > 1.5v The micro controler is faulty

Measures at 3.12 multiple times.

I have heard back from Ortur, they are sending me a new motherboard,

Did you get the motherboard already. I had the same problem and they send me a new one right away on the 11th of Febr. Still not here. Portugal → Netherlands schould not take that long with Expedited Shipping. Need to get going again. Orders are waiting…

I have not received it yet. I did get an email that due to the Chinese New Year they would resume shipping on the 19th.

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