Laser just stopped cutting

Hello :slight_smile:
After 2 successful month of using my Sculpfun S9, today after a 10min break, suddenly it stopped cutting my plywood, just engraving. The speed is 100 mm/min, and power 85% as usual.

Target buffer size found

If I increase the “Pass count” it’s getting overburned but still not cut :confused: What can be the reason for this?

If the laser grows dim when cutting organics, cleaning the lens may be the next order of business. The sap from the wood or adhesives can become a vapour (or droplets) and these byproducts can be deposited on the lens.

Procedure seems to start at 2:14

I agree with John. The most common cause is too less maintenance of the laser and mechanics. Depending on your level of usage and the material, you might need to clean your lens even daily. The most dangerous thing is dirt on the lens that gets burned in by the laser beam. This happens very fast and the only solution is to replace the lens (just in case: Sculpfun is very supportive in this case, drop them a mail, and they usually send a new one for free).
The video above is for the S6, a few more videos for the S9 / S10 are available here: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance - Diode Laser Wiki

@JohnJohn and @misken, thanks for the answers.

I clean the lens every day before work and sometimes during the day for a second time. BUT what I found this morning on a daily light is that actually there is something like a crack on the lens. Unfortunately, the photo is not very good:

I will try to change the lens instead of buying a new module. Thanks for the help again :slight_smile:

Yes, looks broken to me as well. Email and ask for replacement. Should be no problem. Be aware that they are suffering from Covid-lockdowns currently, which might reduce reaction times. In usual times, most people receive their new lenses within a week or so.

Thank you @misken . I will write an email, but I hope will find some lens on Amazon for a quick delivery :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the lenses are not available anywhere else. But I might be mistaken if those are standard lenses. So far, I’m thinking that they are optimized for the laser module, so a special type…