Laser just stops

hi can anyone help i just got this new laser and for some reason it just stops and this comes up on the control screen, see pic

Congrats on the new laser engraver. Is this your first Ruida (DSP) laser?

What model Number is on the Ruida Controller inside the laser engraver?

How have you chosen to connect to your new Laser Engraver? Direct, or through your router? What kind of cable?

RuiDa RDC6445G CO2 Laser DSP,USB connect

sorry , no this my second laser

If you’ve used this Windows 10 computer previously with a DSP engraver, you should have the correct FTDI driver. If the computer is new to DSP laser engravers, you may need the driver.

Are you using a Short, Shielded, USB Cable with ferrite beads on each end?

Is your laser engraver sharing a circuit with an air conditioning compressor (or chiller)? , an air compressor for air assist?, an exhaust fan? All of these electric motors have an inrush current that can cause interference.

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