Laser keeps cutting out of sync

I’ve been having all day the laser just cutting out of sync continuously and it’s wasting wood like mad.

I’ll have it in the home position and make it do a circle and then I’ll repeat the same thing and it keeps going out of sync or something. Any advice would be appreciated guys as I have an order to fulfill and have no idea what the hell is wrong here.

Seems to me you’re missing steps.

What speeds are you using?

if not excessive speeds, then likely something mechanical. Check belt tension.

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Running it at 20mm/sec and I don’t know whether to loosen or tighten the belts I keep tweaking it all but nothing is playing ball

The speed number doesn’t seem excessive.

As for belt tension, you don’t want it overtensioned but something like this is typically caused by untensioned belts.

Remove all slack from the belt. The belts should be taught but not stretched. If there’s any question, very slightly overtighten to see if you can remove the missed steps.

If you’re confident about belts then take a look at the pinion gears on the stepper shaft. They may be loose. Make sure the grub screws are properly securing the gear to the shaft. One of the screws should be positioned against the flat portion of the shaft.

I’ll give the screws a tighten in the morning hopefully that’s the easy fix I need and I’ll keep you posted on it

Here is another guide on what to check at the mechanics: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance - Diode Laser Wiki PY already mentioned most of it.
Despite that, there is a lot of dirt on your rails on the first picture. Be sure that everything is a clean as possible. Such lasers are not made to be in an environment like a CNC.