Laser keeps disconnecting from light burn (using MacBook)

I had a 2010 MacBook Pro and everything was working fine with the laser, I have an OMTech 60w with a Ruida controller. I just purchased a new MacBook and I can not get it to stay connected to the laser. I was using the usb to connect to my old laptop but the new laptop does not have a USB port so I got an adaptor and it will connect but after about 20 minutes it disconnects and I have to forget my laser and reinstall it and then after another 20 minutes it forgets so I’m really not able to complete any job. I have also purchased an Ethernet adapter incase it was the USB but it’s doing the same thing. I have orders to complete and I’m not sure what else to try.

USB connections between most Mac products and a Ruida controller are famously painful.

Have you connected your Mac and your Ruida controller to each other or have you connected them both to your router?

If you connect both the MacBook and the Ruida controller to the router you stand a pretty good chance of success.

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I’m not sure what you mean by connecting them to my router. I still haven’t gotten the issue fixed

What @JohnJohn is trying to get at is how do you have your lan wired…

Is both the Ruida and your computer connected to your lan via a router?

Is your pc Ethernet connector going directly to the Ruida?

Are you going through some kind of usb/Ethernet path?


My computer is connected to router via wifi and then I connect the ruida to my computer using an ethernet/usb path.

The Ruida should be going to the router, not your computer…

Mac → wifi → router → Ruida

Is this how it’s wired?




Our packaged solution is The LightBurn Bridge.

It is available here if you’re so inclined.


With folks moving to wireless, and with wireless getting faster it’s easy to overlook the ‘Ethernet’ cable connections on the internet box.

Some folks have success by running an ethernet cable from the Ruida controller in the laser, directly to the router or switch and communicating with the device through the local area network. (without the bridge).

I have OMtech machines running on Macs and they have all suffered from this. It’s very frustrating. I think it’s a Mac thing, not OMtech but I moved to Lightburn Bridge and the connection has been stable ever since.

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