Laser lid support Camera alignment

My CO2 laser lid mounts are pretty sloppy. I try to lift it fully when using the camera but it doesn’t seem to be repeatable into the same position every time which throws the camera off. Anyone have a solution for this? Perhaps a fixed prop rod of some sort?

A rod isn’t a bad idea and would likely help some, but ultimately the best solution is to directly address the problem with your hinges/

If you want to overthink it, you could a laser pointer on the lid that will hit a specific spot when it’s lifted to the calibrated angle. Or really overthinking it, you could put an Arduino and accelerometer to calc the angle and do an LED that is red=more angle, green=less angle, yellow=“perfect”

It’s not a hinge issue it’s the hydraulic support rod ends.

That’s over thinking it for sure :cowboy_hat_face:

I do wish Lightburn would let me put fiducials in the corners of the FOV outside the bed and auto-recognize them and offset the flattened image to align it regardless of lid orientation.

But, let’s not go crazy

Interesting concept!