Laser lights up and moves but does not burn

universal engraver 15w I have successfully connected to the program and am able to send my design in. I have been able to successfully burn a design one time but otherwise it just lights the laser and moves through the whole design. I extended my trial to continue to try to get it to work but still can’t. really love the software and want to be able to use it. ANY TIPS

I’m having the same problem. It worked fine for a while, now…nothing. I found a previous topic (interestingly OP had the same brand of laser as I do) with the same issue. It seems they were able to resolve it for them, but not for me. It does, however, burn when I use other software. Unfortunately I haven’t found any other software that has the functionality of Lightburn.

Here’s a link to that topic (it’s from Lightburn forums) as maybe it’ll help you out. I’m hoping someone will have other suggestions!