Laser machine cannot be added through "Find my laser".


ATOMSTACK S10 PRO laser equipment is being used.
I tried to connect the equipment through “FIND MY LASER” using the LIGHTBURN program, but it did not appear in the list.
What’s the problem?

My GRBL machine doesn’t always use the same com port.

Click ‘Window’ in the top bar - look down the list and select ‘Laser’ (if it’s already got a check mark next to it - the window is on the screen somewhere) Get the laser window open and in the bottom middle of that window there is a way to select the com port. Try other selections to see if LightBurn finds it. My little 3018 makes a funny little buzzing noise when it connects. Wait a few seconds between selections to see if the communication begins.

Sometimes the “Find my laser” will not work. Try creating the device manually.

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