Laser machine not starting from zero after homing

I have problem on machine homing
I download latest grbl v1.1h.20190825
When i make homing for the machine and start my work From zero i found there is x axis offset

about 8mm
Look at the picture please for machine Coordinate after homing you can see this -8 on X axis
So please any idea how to remove this offset?

There’s likely a pull-off offset set in the firmware as part of the homing procedure.

So what i have to do

It might also be a workspace offset - Given that you can see X & Y there twice, I suspect that’s what it is, because homing offset would affect both X and Y, not just one.

Type $# and hit enter (in the console). If the G54 entry shows an offset, of -8, type G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0 to clear it.

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