Laser Master 2 stays "busy" and won't burn

I am using Windows 10 with a Ortur LaserMaster 2. I have done the firmware updates already.

When I open a project and hit START the machine goes in busy status but does nothing. I power cycle machine, restart Lightburn and sometimes it works, most times it just goes busy and does nothing.

When it does work the laser stays at last point in project and stays “busy”.

Do I have something wrong in settings maybe ?

Pour ma part, je suis obligé de sélectionner le graveur à chaque lancement de LB.

Il est aussi courent d’être obliger d’éteindre et rallumer la laser et donc de reselectionner la machine dans LB.
Si tu rencontre un problème de coordonnées des axes, il y a un script qui règle le problème. Je vais essayer de le retrouver pour toi.
Il faut persévérer, j’ai déjà passé quelques heures à comprendre

For my part, I have to select the burner each time LB is launched.

It is also common to be obliged to switch the laser on and off and therefore to reselect the machine in LB.

If you encounter an axis coordinate problem, there is a script that fixes the problem. I’ll try to find it for you.

You have to persevere, I have already spent a few hours understanding

J’ai trouvé
Dans la console, tapez G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0 (Entrée)

I found
In the console, type G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0 (Enter)
A +

When you start, does it say anything in the console? The most common problem I’ve seen is people using a ‘Start From’ setting other than ‘Absolute Coords’, without understanding how it works. It can cause the machine to try to go out of bounds, which reports an error in the console (ALARM:2) and locks the controller.

Read here about how the different Start From modes work:

i recently got the same laser and i’m experiencing the same issue except when i do get it to go it doesn’t give enough power to engrave into the cardboard no matter how high i set it, but i at least got it to work off the GRBL software so that tells me its something within light burn. also note i am completely new to laser engraving