Laser Master 3 Won't Begin the Job

I’m trying to get a new Laser Master 3 up and running. The laser will correctly run the homing sequence to the front left corner. The jog controls all work properly in Lightburn. However, when I try to start a job (a simple square in the middle of the art board) the laser head won’t move and I get a warning tone from the machine (1 Long tone followed by 2 shorter tones). It does this both when I try to frame the shape and print the shape.

Also, Lightburn will not detect my laser automatically…so I set it up manually. Curious why it doesn’t detect my particular laser.

By the way, my firmware is up to date and I successfully use Lightburn with a 3018 laser.

Hope someone out there can help.

Hi Rick,

Just saw this post - how are you getting on now? any updates? Are you connected by USB or WIFI?

Make sure you put the TF card into the slot on the laser engraver.

Did you see the new video?

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