Laser missing areas

Evening All,

I’m having issues with laser missing some areas, they are not random since it happen in batches.

You can see I have batch A and all of them have the same issue.

Batch B I was afraid of having the same issue so I only engraved 1 plaque.

Machine is a Neje Master 2S Plus, the machine is new, so am I to this hobby. Hope you guys can help me.

Engraving info: power - 20W, speed - 2000 mm/min
Material: MDF

Can you capture an image of the ‘Cuts/Layers’ window for your project?

If this is a ‘Lost Motion’ problem you may benefit from reducing speed and power both by 25%.

Are you using Flood Fill for this? Those gaps look like what happens when the Y axis returns to complete a shape, but has a bit of slop in the movement.

C24 and C01 are just for guiding.

Yes Oz, I’m using flood fill. Is that incorrect to do?

It’s not “incorrect”, it just requires a very well tuned machine for it not to leave gaps, unfortunately.

I used to save time but I’m trying without it. I’ll report tomorrow. Thanks for the support.

@LightBurn Disabling flood fill worked :+1:

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