Laser module 5,5 W with TTL drive weaker than 2,5 W with PWM


I am looking for help regarding a technical issue .As I changed the 2,5 w module with a 5,5 w one ,it seems that the new one is weaker ,it takes more steps to do the same job.
I was wondering if the drive itself could be an issue.The old one has a PWM drive and the new one uses TTL- I used a convertor to connect it to the main board .However ,would it be possible to alter some settings with a code in order to see an increase in power ?
Thank you,anny advice is appreciated as I am new in this

To begin with, is the new module from a reputable vendor? I’m sorry to say that not all vendors on sites like Ali, etc. are reliable in the provided specs…
What PWM to TTL are you using?

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