Laser module burnt out?

So im running a 3000mw Diode laser. I haven’t used the laser for some time. Last time I used it it was burning fine. At that time I closed the laptop lid and forgot to unplug the laser.

A short time later I returned and found the laser to still be on. It had burnt through the ply that the laser was parked over.

Ive got to use the laser today and find it wont burn. I’ve tried all different power settings up to 100%. I will light up etc.but not burn in wood.

My Question is can these Laser modules burn out?

I may be missing something, but I thought that most programs shut down when you close the lid on the computer. Why was it still firing? Depending on the length of time it was active, it very well may have overheated.

If you are lucky, only the lens is covered in soot from the hour it has tried to burn down your house. Find out what’s wrong with your settings when there is life in the animal again, the laser must not run when you have not asked for it!

This one does as well, but for a laser there is one message to switch the laser on and another message to switch the laser off.
You shut down the program that switches the laser off

I believe the diode or the diode driver can degrade with overheating

Maybe you were lucky your house didn’t burn down?!?

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