Laser module not plumb

upgraded atomstack 5 with the new m100 module extra weight makes it out of plumb. any one have a cure for this

Make sure the wheels on laser head assembly are properly tensioned. There should be no excess play between the wheels and rails. If you can lift the laser head assembly at all without lifting the whole gantry then you have too large a gap.

if the wheels are already properly tensioned you may just be at the limit of that design.

Can you take various photos of the laser module showing how it’s mounted to the assembly in that case?

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i can rock it front to back quite a bit and a little side to side which i am hoping is a tensioning issue . The atomstack 5 came partly put together so im not sure how to tension the wheels i would guess the wheel mounting holes are slotted. Thx for the advice. can’t see where to insert pics

If you look at the axle of the wheel, there should be an eccentric nut mounted to the axle. By turning that nut you can increase or decrease the gap of the wheel to the rail. There may be nuts on both the top and bottom wheels so check both. Try to keep the laser module square to the gantry while you do this.

yeah that fixed the problem thank you for your help.