Laser moves but not fireing

Hello all im having issues can get lb to fire the laser and it follows cut and engraving it just wont fire the laser (k40 with mini gerbil) the pwm wire is in the correct connector thus has been double and triple checked when the gerbil is connected the test button on the psu wont fire disconect and it fires laser plug back in and it still fires laser but when i run a job thru lb it just moves the y and y axis but won’t power the laser up i have new psu fitted so i know its not that
im at a loss here and sorry if this is in the wrong section

When you install the Mini Gerbil you lose the use of the potentiometer or digital panel and test button for controls unless you wire in an additional spdt switch. If you don’t want to go through the work of installing a switch for the Test fire button you can setup a Test fire macro in Lightburn that can be found on forum.

Having a hard time understanding exactly what your saying but if you posted pics of your wiring and clarify what works and doesn’t work that would be of great help to get you going.

Thanks for the reply regarding this but i seam to of fixed the issue as it was the new power supply it needed the water flow (which i dont have) to put to ground thats why i had no fire of the laser when trying to run the job on light burn

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