Laser moving but not turning on

Have a universal engraver that came with Benbox. Am trying to set up with lightburn and having difficulties. The laser will move along the path that it should be engraving but is not on. It will turn on if you hit the fire button, but will turn off if you hit start. I was not able to get lightburn to find my laser so have been trying to set up manually. I have tried flashing using a github and arduino but got an error at the end saying can’t open device access denied. I am lost any suggestion or know what I am doing wrong?

LightBurn does not support BenBox.

You will need to successfully flash a supported firmware to your control board, if possible.

On some diode lasers there is a little (push to make/push to break) switch on the top of the laser unit itself. If the laser unit isn’t switched on, you won’t get a result. I think the fire button is for focusing. I’m not sure about this I’m new to this software.

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