Laser nao grava

minha sculpfun s9 funciona perfeitamente todos os comandos de acionamento do laser mas o laser não grava e não marca as peças, e estava funcionando tudo perfeito o que pode ser qual a configuração que devo fazer

I do not entirely understand the question. What exactly is the problem?
Maybe check here how to set up LightBurn? Setting up the software - Diode Laser Wiki

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a gravadora faz todos os movimentos emite o laser mas não grava e não corta o que pode ser o problema. no diodo do laser, na placa ou configuração do programa light burn


My sculpfun s9 works perfectly all the laser activation commands but the laser doesn’t record and doesn’t mark the parts, and everything was working perfect what can be what configuration should I do

The engraver makes all the movements emits the laser but does not engrave and does not cut which could be the problem. on the laser diode, on the board or light burn program setting

Usually a settings problem within your layer settings. Here is another guide to help you through: Settings guide - Diode Laser Wiki (you can tranlate that page to your language if you need to).

I would also double check all your connections to the laser module - Also, if you go to ‘Edit > Device Settings’ and Enable ‘Enable laser fire button’ you should be able to pulse it on and off manually.

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