Laser neje 2s plus

I have a problem with neje 2s plus. I can’t set the working field, every time it shifts and hits the frames. Unfortunately, the installation guide recommended by several people is not active. Can you show an active link? and where to place the .ibset file

Can anyone help?

I am surprised nobody has jumped in to help you. This is not typical for this forum. Welcome to the Lightburn Community. I do not have your machine, but I will try to help.

This is typically a wrong setting in several GRBL parameters. Please answer my questions as the best you can.

  1. What happens when you press the Jog buttons? Do the directions match the buttons?
  2. Does your machine have Home switches?
  3. With everything turned on and hooked up, what does it do when you press Home in the Laser window?
  4. What is the work area of your machine? this is NOT the frame size or shipping dimensions.
  5. In the Console window, type $$ and press enter.
  6. Do the same with $#.
  7. Copy all the text from the Console window and paste it in your reply.

This should give us enough information to start with.

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