Laser Not Burning 2

Program sends to laser cutter but laser won’t burn. Burn settings set to 100% but still wont burn. Other programs burn no problem. HELP!!!

I want to be sure I understand. Please let me know if this is accurate:

  • You create a design in LightBurn
  • The design has a line or fill layer that you have set to 100% power
  • When you run the job, your machine moves along the path of the job but without the laser firing
  • Other software programs used to operate your machine are working

If I understood that correctly, the following questions come to mind:

  • Is this issue limited to a specific file / design (or all projects, all layers, lines, fill, and power settings)?
  • is this a new issue or has LightBurn worked for you prior?


when the issue first started I was using lightburn the laser would come on but it had no power to the laser even though the settings were said 100% it still was not burning anything it was following the path of the design but wouldn’t burn anything. Then it started giving me an error message on line three. And then it got to wear when I sent the job down there it just would go back and forth in a straight line and basil to come on and off a few times and it would just quit. None of the settings of machine settings were changed by me but then when I went to another laser burning program that I have it would send to the laser but it would cut upside down and in reverse. So something was changed in the controller of the laser was altered and set to a default by lightburn and I don’t know how to get those axis reversed again where the image appears right side up and then in the right direction that any information you could give me would help

You have likely asked the controller to go faster than it is limited to in the firmware. This is a very common error with 3018’s. Read here:

LightBurn absolutely does not do this, ever. You would have to manually enter commands like $23=0 into the console, or go to Machine Settings and make changes there and write them. The software never changes machine settings unless asked to do so.

Tech support gave me command $3=2 to resolve image reversal. How ever laser turns on but does not have any power even if set to 100%

How fast are you asking it to burn? (What setting are you using that is turning the laser on but not burning?)

Set speed to 300

:slight_smile: 300 is not a speed, 300 is a number. 300 what? Inches per min, mm/sec, KPH?

By default, LightBurn is in ‘mm/sec’. If you haven’t changed this, then 300mm/sec would be much faster than your machine can go. If you are set to mm/minute, that would be a reasonable speed for that hardware. Read through the link I sent above about configuring the 3018 - it talks about the speeds in there and why going too fast will fail.

Got most of software settings down, still having trouble “Burns Traversal Lines”

Which version of GRBL is your controller using? It will say in the console when connected. If it’s 1.1f or higher, you need to enable laser mode by setting $32=1.

@Moses, Is this the same issue as the answered post below?

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