Laser not burning equally from left to right

Haven’t changed anything in my software ,but for some reason my laser started to burn with less power on right side of table then the left. I have checked the alignment and seems to be dead center on laser head mirror. I have pulse shot on both left and right side of table and both sides seem to burn spot evenly. When I do projects or cutting the right side of the table clearly doesn’t seem to be getting the same amount of power as the left. It seems as the head gets farther away from the left side mirror that reflects to it , power is lost some where.

Any recommendations or checks?

You didn’t mention if there is properly maintained vertical alignment from m3 through the tube to the table… is it centered?

If you have a wattmeter you can check the beam ‘wattage’ between each mirror and see if one of them is creating more of a loss…

Good luck


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