Laser not changing power

I have Atomstack M50 50W and Black Box ,grbl 1.1
When running any job, the power is not varying it’s seems to just be full power. I have the grnd and pwm, 0-10v hooked up, also tried just the grnd and pwm as well and no change. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong?
These are my settings

Grbl 1.1g [’$’ for help]
Target buffer size found

You should only need the ground and pwm signals for your laser. I assume at that power it has to have it’s own power supply.

Ensure the “S-max power” is the same as $30


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Ya I switched to just pwm an gnd. And power won’t vary still. S max power is also the same as $30. Which is 1000

Found this on the openbuilds site. Is this how your laser is wired? If not, what’s different?
docs:blackbox:connect-3-wire-laser [OpenBuilds Documentation]

Note the tip about Relay Mode jumper. Not sure what that’s referring to but likely worthwhile.

I figured it out, I had an extra 0 i missed in the S value. Thanks for your help

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