Laser not detecting

Good day all.
I’m sure this issue has been addressed but the search function wasn’t working. I have a BOSS LS-1630 that I have yet to be able to connect via USB cable to my computer (I’ve been using flash drives).
I connected my USB cable to the computer, fired the laser up (allowed it to home), opened Lightburn and when I click on the devices button and attempt to “find my laser” nothing is detected. I’ve tried to manually set it up but anytime I try to send the file to the laser it says “The laser does not appear to be connected to your computer”.
Any suggestions or idea would be greatly appreciated as although I’m getting my steps in I REALLY want the convivence of hitting send.
Thank you all in advance for your assistance.

Are you using ‘windows’ on your computer?
If you are go into ‘device manager’.
Scroll down to ‘usb controllers’.
Check that it is picking up the usb connection.

They’ll probably want to know what ‘firmware’ you are using…
Someone should be about soon to help further.

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