Laser not firing anymore (comgrow Z1)

Hi there,

I was operating my Comgrow Z1 (24V) and as the laser was shutdown, I had the head manually moving not on purpose. When I tried to start a new task, the laser was not firing : no light, but the head moved. The connexion with the computer (and lightburn) seems okay, the fans are on, no weird message in console etc. I try to restart computer, unplug / plug the machine, I use another computer with another software, with no success. I check the wiring, everything seems in place, including the connexions on the electronic board.

I don’t know what to try else. I have a old unused laser from an Ortur M2 (but running in 12V), I still tried to connect it, the power is on but the laser is also not firing (but the voltage is most likely an issue). I don’t know if it’s software, the board or the laser :frowning:

I’ll take any suggestions :slight_smile:

Ho lo stesso problema con la mia sculpfun S9, ho provato a cambiare il modulo laser ma non ho risolto il problema, attendiamo suggerimenti

Mod Translation: I have the same problem with my sculpfun S9, I tried to change the laser module but I didn’t solve the problem, please wait for suggestions

Today I also tried more tests like changing the PWM connexion cable without success.
Is there a way to low if the issue is forme the board or the laser? I have arduino boards, maybe it could help. I would like to buy a replacement part but I’m not sure which one ^^
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

To test the module, you can plug the signal cable into 5V or 12V line. It should fire at 100% then.

If you plugged the 12V module into the 24V system, that one is most likely broken now.

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Thanks you for your suggestion :slight_smile:
I plugged a 5 and 12V line in the module without any result.
Then I measured the V from the PWM of the board and started: it read 8-9V.
So it seems to confirm that my laser module is dead! I bought a new one (I took the opportunity to buy a more powerful one to cheer me up :sweat_smile:)

NB: I only plugged the PWM on the 12V laser, clearly not very thoughtful, but there was no harm done (and anyway it had become practically useless after one intensive year of use)

Thanks again :slight_smile: