Laser not firing anymore

Lightburn will not longer burn with my AtomStack S10 Pro. I used the trial successfully for a week and recently activated, but now it’s not working properly. I had to give up on Lightburn for a project because I was able to get it working in LaserGRBL, but I’d like to get Lightburn working again.

If I use the “fire” function at 20% I can get Lightburn to make a mark, but running projects (just trying to fill a few letters) at any setting results in the machine moving through the motions without burning at all. Occasionally it will fire lightly without leaving a mark on the wood, mostly it doesn’t fire at all though. I’m not getting any errors and this all just started Thursday, before that it was working fine.

Any ideas?

I’d check that $30 is 1000, $31 = 0 and $32 = 1. S-max power must be set equal to $30



Thanks for the reply. It stopped working in LaserGRBL too, must be a laser problem.

It’s possible, but it’s also possible to push a setting into the AtomStack and make neither engraver software package command full power from the laser. @jkwilborn is thinking along the same lines that I am.

Open the Console window in LightBurn.

Type the following:


Then hit enter.

Copy and paste that into a reply here.

I’m particularly curious about $30 according to the controller and Smax in Device settings in LightBurn.

Sorry for not responding earlier. All settings were correct, a new laser head fixed all of the issues.

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Great to hear it’s fixed. Too bad it was the module…

Good luck, have fun


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