Laser not firing at all - no pulse, no test fire

In need of help -
Just finished setting up a new 55w Orion with Ruida 644XG.
(Control switch & Laser switch On, Doors closed, water pump running in a bucket…)
As i was watching youtube on how to set up mirrors with tape, i’ve tried “pulse” button on the controller as well as “test” button on power supply - and nothing fires. when i press “pulse,” i could hear zap, and when pressing “test,” i do not hear anything , but this is what the “laser power” display would tell me:
It goes from “Laser signal:off” to “Laser signal:on” with 00mA current output.laser output

After a closer inspection - the side where the red wire enters into the tube, the pink/purplish tube (which i believe contains the CO2) is completely detached, and moves around as the water pump brings in the water.
I’ve sent an email to the seller, and hope to get it resolved sooner -

Mine exactly the same. Did you get it resolved?

It was a broken tube.
(Longer version of the story)
And the seller sent out a replacement, but it came broken again.
When i asked for another replacement, they were “out of stock” and offered a partial refund.
I took the refund and ordered a new tube on Amazon, and now it fires

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