Laser not firing at all

I have Ortur LM2 20w fixed focus
I have got Lightburn on my windows 7 and iMac and laser works fire, on the fire button and burning
I have put Lightburn on my windows 10 laptop and the laser not firing, the fan works but not laser
Can you help with this matter

Lightburn works perfect on my iMac and windows 7. I have put Lightburn on my windows 10 laptop everything works except the laser won’t fire, when you press the fire button the fan works but no laser beam, or when you press the button to start, nothing
Plug the other computers in and it works perfect
Can you guys help

On that Windows10 system, you may need to install the driver at the end of the LightBurn installation. :slight_smile:


I have downloaded the ftdi driver , but the laser is still not firing on windows 10
Everything else seems ok, fan axis etc
What else can I do

@OrturTech, would you have some suggestions for Derrick here?

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