Laser not firing during second pass

Tried to make my first box. Used boxes.Pyle and downloaded file. I made some adjustments and sent to laser. Ran first pass no problem. Went to do second pass and laser traced project but laser did not fire. I live in FL and have had heat issues before, so thought this was problem. Chilled the water, replaced pressure switch, etc. Each time no laser fire. I loaded a different file. No problem, laser fired perfectly. Went back to original project (2nd pass). Again, no fire. Have gone back and re-saved, different names, no fire. In the mean time updated both my Mac and dell laptop to 14.0.1 .

Made sure setting were good, output, speed, power settings.

Would hate to have to start all over, but can’t figure this out.

This sounds like an unintended settings change.

Please open your LightBurn project, and select the Cuts / Layers window.
If there is only one Layer generated by this project, please double click that layer and screen-capture the Cut Settings Editor and the Cuts / Layers window with a screen capture tool.

If you do the same thing with the ‘different file’ you loaded we should be able to see the difference between the two sets of settings.

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