Laser not firing RUIDA

Just getting started.

When I load a sample file that was preloaded on machine everything works as expected. When I send a file with lightburn it does everything right except fire the laser.

I have check the machine setting and the laser is activated. Any help would be appreciated.

What are your settings? If you do not set min power high enough, the tube might not fire. (“High enough” is about 10% of the wattage of the laser, as a ballpark)

did you have the file made for laser 2?

At least 10%, I have to get up around 11% to make a mark on paper with my 80W, but I also hit my 80W at 60% on the controller.

Hi @kevine

I usually check if the chiller (or the pump) is working and the water circuit is circulating, there are no leaks and no medium or large bubbles (there may be some occasionally but very very small) and of course the ventilation system is working, although the chiller is usually what prevents the laser from starting if it is not working.

This is a learner’s response, since I have only been using the laser for a short time, in case it helps you. :hugs:

I have it set for 20% on low. I have found that if I create the design fully in lightburn that everything is fine. The svg that I imported just goes throught the motions but does not fire the laser.

The pump is working fine. It will fire anything that I create in lightburn but will not fire when I us an imported svg file.

Please attach a LightBurn project file that does not fire for you so I can take a look at the file contents, or email it to us: I suspect that you have a setting incorrect.

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