Laser not firng

ok,i have an eleksmaker A3 was working at the beginning. replaced fan, the one that was on it started squealing. the machine moves with direction buttons. it moves when i send an object to be printed. the laser will not fire, it also wont fire with the fire button on move panel, i cannot get a test light from unit when pushing button on unit. i don’t get a green light on ramps board either

It’s broken.

laser unit or ramps board? where can i get a new laser unit?

You realise this is a forum for LB, not whatever diode thing you bought, right?

my bad. wont happen again

You might want to reach out to the nice folks you purchased from to see if they offer a set of troubleshooting procedures to determine it is functioning as it should. They would also be the most appropriate to discuss available of any replacement units.

If we can help with anything LightBurn moving forward, please let us know. We are here to help! :slight_smile:

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