Laser not getting full info for cuts / taking ages to start 1.0.1

Hi All,

Noticed tonight after the most recent update that lightburn didnt send the entire cut file to the laser (Ruida connected via LAN), indeed twice it has only sent about 50% of the file, no issue with Version 1 or any previous versions of LB.

Any assistance that can be given I would be grateful!


Mine is doing the same thing any help would be appreciated

Are you clicking on ‘send’ or ‘start’?

I have been running on the 1.0.0 version, it’s on the local lan.

Using ‘send’ and ‘start’ work differently… :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Are you connected using a cable from the computer to the laser, or through a router, or using WIFI? Connected by LAN doesn’t give enough detail. If you’re using WIFI in there somewhere, that’s likely the problem.

Are you also using a Ruida connected with a network cable?

Cable connected directly from pc to ruida, using start rather than send.

It seems to be failing to send all the data before it’s trying to start the laser (it comes up with the “can’t start laser, maybe busy or paused” message before it starts)

Are you using s PC, or a Mac?

Pc windows 10 all up to date

Power the laser, then run LightBurn. You should see 'Found RDC…" on the bottom status bar of the LightBurn window, meaning it has found your laser. If you don’t see that, right-click the ‘Devices’ button to re-try connecting. When you see that it’s connected, then try sending the file

Does that work for you, or is it still failing?

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