Laser not have enough power

I have a Ortur Laser 2 that ive had for about 2 mth now. I am learnign the software (Lightburn) and have already had the motherboard replaced. Now witht he new motherboard I was able to test and practice on different wood pieces that I may use when I learn the software. Now the laser will come on , run its design I have set for engraving. The laser fires but does not burn the wood. Ive tried card stock, Ive tried diffierent speed setting and ive tried turning the machine off, restarting the software and still nothin is burning. What is the deal? I cant seem to get this laser working properly.
Please help

Hi Jerry, check these settings against yours, these are default Ortur Lm2 20w.


Even an ortur should be able to mark and cut cardstock.

I suspect your focus is out - diodes are critical of focus, you need to be dead-on when you only have 5W to work with.

A thought, is this material white or light in color by chance? The light produced by diode lasers, like your Ortur, reflect / or bounce off light colored materials making it harder to deposit energy to produce the cut. Darker materials better absorb the wavelength of light these diodes produce.

Thanks a bunch. But it started working flawlessly. Probably something I was doing wrong. Thank you for your time

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