Laser not homing

Hello all,

Not sure what is going on, when i start my c02 laser, it no longer comes all the way to the front left, For the life of me, i can not figure out why or how to fix this issue. Would love some ideas.

Thanks all!

Are you getting any errors?

OMTech CO₂ lasers typically home to the rear right.

What kind of laser is this?

It’s always nice to have some background on the machine.

did it ever work compared to it’s been working but is now failing… along with I changed it and it doesn’t work correctly.

Knowing this helps us lay out how we can help you.

In deference to Ed home corners, my OMTech homes to the rear/left.

Does the machines console show any kind of error message, it should.

Does the x and y coordinates in the console show 0 and 0 when it’s powered up?


I have a omtech type, (Chinese 60 watt laser) A rudia controller. Has worked ever since i had it but as i turned it on yesterday the “home” is somewhere in the middle of the left hand side. I have to manually move it to the bottom left. I get no errors.

Is it displaying 0, 0 for both X and Y axes? This would indicate it booted correctly.


Not sure where i would find that, can you explain?

The X and Y values should be zero when it completes booting. Mine is configured to move to a user origin. You may have to watch the display.

When most machines power up, it has no idea where the head is. The heads should move toward the origin of the machine. This can be identified by switches that tell it when the head reaches it.

When it has homed, it will set both X and Y to the machines original which is 0, 0. If it’s at 10,000 on any axes it failed to home.

The Z axes, if used and is homed should show 0 also. Mine isn’t used so shows it’s default of 3000mm

Make sense?