Laser not powering off during travel in line mode

Works fine in fill mode. This does not happen in vcarve when doing on the path with the no z post-processor. This started after I reloaded my laptop with the latest light burn so I suspect it is a setting I am missing.

GRBL 1.0c
Jtech 3.8w X-Carve
Lightburn 0.9.07
Gcode Sender CNCjs running off Raspberry Pi
S-Value Max=255

$30=255. (rpm max)
$31=0. (rpm min)
$32=1 (laser mode, bool)

I don’t think 1.0c supports laser mode, if I recall. Larry modded it so it doesn’t turn off the beam during G0 travel moves, which is just… bizarre. You would need to use the GRBL-M3 profile in LightBurn to work with that firmware.

Thank you, I will update when I try it later

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