Laser not running during trace, fire, new software?

I’ve been using Lightburn with my Orthura laser for about 4 months. Recently I upgraded the software to the latest version. And now my laser will sometimes not work- it will trace the project but the laser won’t fire. Or I click the “Fire” button and the laser won’t turn on. When I do shift “trace” sometimes the laser shows, but most of the time it stops being visable after a couple of seconds.
I’m not sure if it’s possible to go back to the previous software.
Things were fine with the older version, so I’m not sure if its a problem with my computer being older, or something else.
Any ideas on a fix, would be greatly appreciated!

did you get this figured out? Fix?

Sorry to have missed this post. You may have made some unintended changes, so let’s look. In the console, please type $$ and press enter, then copy the output here for review.

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