Laser not shutting off

hi my laser 5.5w engraver is not shutting off at all i try to pluck it out and back in but still no luck.

… your question is just like that of the man who goes to the doctor and says I know someone who is sick. - What do you think the doctor can do for the man?
It is not maliciously intended, but there are so many who ask the same thing as you in the same way … and they get the same kind answer:
If you need help, you should at least state what kind of machine, what kind of operating system, what Lightburn version and e.g. Gerbl version. And then a description of your problem, preferably in detail. Another good practice would be to lead here in the forum on some similar questions and possible solutions.

I would not scare you away, honestly, just come up with your question and the information that was missing. :wink:

I now you try to help thanks, I’m afrikaans so its hard for me to understand all the software and computer settings without a video, but I managed to get the laser working again, just I don’t know why or can it cut 3mm superwood ,it cut the first time I downloaded lightburn took about 8 pass counts but then I tried to make it cut in the right mm and set the 100 and 101 to 800.000 and it stop cutting through in 8 pass counts but 250 pass counts, I know it’s a 5.5w laser

And I’m using grbl device

If your step counts are that high, you are likely using a 3018 CNC. You can read about specific setup instructions for that system here: Configuring a 3018 CNC for use with LightBurn

Hi Johannes, I’m glad you got your laser machine up and running. With your 5.5 Watt diode, it is a nice result to cut through 3mm with 8 turns, you should not expect much better results.
It does not matter where in the world you are, almost everyone from the forum here has started at zero, as far as you have internet you always have the opportunity to get help in the whole world, and you also gather experience every day you work with your laser.

What I want to do later on is to upgrade my 5.5w laser to a 20w but I’m not sure what else I must change on the laser or control box do you have any idea

I have a 3.5w diode laser and have managed to cut 4mm plywood…

… The secret was air assist.

Thanks. Your air assist did you used a compressor or air pump and how hi was your regulator set to ? I saw a post somewhere to set it at 2bar

I used a fishtank air pump…

There is no 20 Watt laser diode that “normal” people can buy for money. Typically it is a 5.5 or 7 Watt laser which just gets too much input current. The life of such a laser is significantly shorter than diodes driven with correct settings / use. There are many falsely declared lasers on the net, do not throw money out the window. If you want to engrave and cut paper, cardboard and soft woods, up to a modest thickness, a diode laser is great and inexpensive. If you want to cut plywood, wood, acrylic, mdf, hdf and many other materials, without too many rounds, then you need a CO2 laser.

(I have never seen a finger-jointed box in 4 mm regular plywood, made with a diode laser. I have tried it myself, with my 5.5 Watt diode laser and lots of compressed air and super tuned focus point …)