Laser not tracking position

I’m new to lasers and to Lightburn. Running Lightburn 0.9.07 on OS 10.14.6 using Eleksmaker with GRBL 1.1e. The laser will not track position. I’ve set the machine origin as instructed. It is both directionally and positionally challenged. It will sometimes move the correct direction with the move arrows and suddenly will move the opposite direction along the y axis. Also it has never found the correct position by settings at all. If I use whatever position it takes, I cannot repeat it because next time it will land somewhere completely different even though I input the exact same coordinates using Absolute Coordinate settings. Anyone know how to fix this?

Which ‘Devices’ profile are you using in LightBurn? You should either use GRBL-M3 Device for your current configuration or update firmware to GRBL 1.1f then use plain GRBL Device in LightBurn. We have found this link to really help Eleksmaker users get properly set up.

As another member once posted, “Scroll down to the bottom “operating instructions” and follow that. Once you have it working in elekscam, it should work in lightburn. Follow the instructions to the letter and that will get you up and running…”

And this is also a good resource:

If after review you are still having issues, please post back updating us and we can go from there.

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