Laser not traveling

I have had my Ortur laser master 2 and Lightburn for a few months and I wanted to try the Rotary tool. So I set it up not a problem but when I returned everything back to do a small ornament, set it all up and when I used the location icon to move the laser and it moved fine, when it was all set up I pressed frame and the laser didn’t move I then press start and nothing. Rechecked ALL the settings were good. Any possible fixes or advice or thoughts will be appreciated

If you are absolutely certain that all the settings are as you’d expect try running this in the Console window:

This is meant to return all configuration values back to defaults. Not sure why but it seems that a lot of folks have trouble getting back to normal whenever they try the rotary.

Thanks for the response, looks like I found the issue. Seem that I missed the ‘‘Enable Rotary’’ in the laser window. THANK YOU AGAIN…

The reason for this is that Ortur firmware engineers messed up one of the settings - The ‘Homing Enable’ setting ($22) is supposed to be 0 or 1 (off or on), but the altered it to add a bunch of other stuff to it, without bothering to tell anyone, so the default for a while was 43, not 1.

If you used the stock settings, no issue, but if you turned off homing to work with the rotary, then turned it back on again, you’d set it to 1, not 43 as the firmware required, and it messes up a lot of stuff. They’ve fixed it, but this was the issue.

Ahh… interesting. That clears it up. Although I’ve seen people claim that they took a backup of their settings and still couldn’t get back. :man_shrugging:

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