Laser not turning off between letters

Hi all,

Couldn’t find an answer to this on the fourms,
But having issues laser not turning off beteen letters leaving a line (with grbl selected).
also not getting a variable laser power output when in fill mode but simply a on or off laser, leaving burnt edges.
The generated gcode for a simple piece of text in line mode simply issues a m4 s1000 command for the entirety of the code and m5 s0 at the end. (seems very strange to me) example below.
; LightBurn 1.4.00
; GRBL device profile, current position
; Bounds: X0 Y0 to X105.54 Y18.19
G00 G17 G40 G21 G54
; Cut @ 3000 mm/min, 100% power
G0 X0Y0.294
; Layer C00
G1 X2.197S1000F3000
G1 Y7.092
G1 Y0.549
G1 X0.053Y0.545
G1 X0.092Y0.54
G1 X0.136Y0.532
G1 X0.123Y0.305
G1 X0.155Y0.287
G1 X0.184Y0.268
G1 X0.211Y0.245
G1 X0.236Y0.221
G1 X0.26Y0.194
G1 X0.281Y0.166
G1 X0.3Y0.136
G1 X0.34Y0.126
G1 X0.349Y0.09
G1 X0.355Y0.054
G1 X0.357Y0.017
G1 X0.357Y-0.019
G1 X0.355Y-0.056
G1 X0.348Y-0.092
G1 X0.34Y-0.128
G1 X0.208Y-0.119
G1 X0.192Y-0.139
G1 X0.175Y-0.158
G1 X0.158Y-0.175
G1 X0.137Y-0.191
G1 X0.117Y-0.205
G1 X0.096Y-0.218
G1 X0.071Y-0.228
G1 X0.083Y-0.35
G1 X0.058Y-0.355
G1 X0.032Y-0.359
G1 X0.006Y-0.36
G1 Y-8.215
G1 X2.197
G1 Y8.215
G1 X-0.006Y0.593
G1 X-0.045Y0.59
G1 X-0.084Y0.586
G1 X-0.122Y0.58
G1 X-0.125Y0.374
G1 X-0.165Y0.354
G1 X-0.203Y0.33
G1 X-0.239Y0.304
G1 X-0.271Y0.275
G1 X-0.303Y0.243
G1 X-0.33Y0.208
G1 X-0.356Y0.17
G1 X-0.532Y0.193
G1 X-0.545Y0.137
G1 X-0.554Y0.082
G1 X-0.557Y0.026
G1 X-0.557Y-0.029
G1 X-0.552Y-0.085
G1 X-0.545Y-0.139
G1 X-0.531Y-0.196
G1 X-0.488Y-0.262
G1 X-0.455Y-0.312
G1 X-0.418Y-0.359
G1 X-0.379Y-0.403
G1 Y6.421
G1 X-2.197
G1 Y-17.896
G0 X15.66Y7.727
G1 X0.061Y0.571
G1 X0.135Y0.555
G1 X0.208Y0.533
G1 X0.279Y0.502
G1 X0.309Y0.394
G1 X0.355Y0.342
G1 X0.395Y0.288
G1 X0.429Y0.23
G1 X0.456Y0.17
G1 X0.477Y0.107
G1 X0.492Y0.04
G1 X0.499Y-0.029
G1 X0.528Y-0.092
G1 X0.497Y-0.171
G1 X0.459Y-0.244
G1 X0.414Y-0.31
G1 X0.362Y-0.37
G1 X0.302Y-0.423
G1 X0.235Y-0.47
G1 X0.162Y-0.511
G1 X0.115Y-0.552
G1 X0.07Y-0.56
G1 X-7.239
G0 X-2.276Y0.262
G1 X-0.08Y-0.634
G1 X-0.039Y-0.638
G1 Y-0.637
G1 X0.045Y-0.637
G1 X0.084Y-0.632
G1 X0.125Y-0.628
G1 X0.165Y-0.62
G1 X0.141Y-0.386
G1 X0.168Y-0.37
G1 X0.193Y-0.354
G1 X0.217Y-0.338
G1 X0.239Y-0.319
G1 X0.261Y-0.3
G1 X0.281Y-0.28
G1 X0.3Y-0.258
G1 X0.318Y-0.237
G1 X0.334Y-0.213
G1 X0.35Y-0.189
G1 X0.364Y-0.165
G1 X0.376Y-0.138
G1 X0.388Y-0.111
G1 X0.398Y-0.083
G1 X0.407Y-0.053
G1 X0.788Y-0.059
G1 X0.789Y0.014
G1 X0.731Y0.075
G1 X0.712Y0.164
G1 X0.687Y0.251
G1 X0.654Y0.334
G1 X0.381Y0.266
G1 X0.354Y0.296
G1 X0.327Y0.324
G1 X0.297Y0.351
G1 X0.265Y0.375
G1 X0.233Y0.398
G1 X0.198Y0.417
G1 X0.161Y0.436
G1 X0.149Y0.483
G1 X-2.27Y0.281
G1 X-0.131Y-0.336
G1 X-0.218Y-0.482
G1 X-0.279Y-0.447
G1 X-0.337Y-0.404
G1 X-0.39Y-0.357
G1 X-0.276Y-0.176
G1 X-0.289Y-0.148
G1 X-0.299Y-0.121
G1 X-0.309Y-0.093
G1 X-0.316Y-0.064
G1 X-0.322Y-0.035
G1 X-0.324Y-0.005
G1 X-0.326Y0.025
G1 X-0.48Y0.075
G1 X-0.46Y0.136
G1 X-0.435Y0.193
G1 X-0.405Y0.248
G1 X-0.369Y0.298
G1 X-0.328Y0.344
G1 X-0.283Y0.388
G1 X-0.232Y0.427
G1 X-0.214Y0.549
G1 X-0.16Y0.565
G1 X-0.105Y0.579
G1 X-0.05Y0.586
G1 X9.668
G1 X0.018Y0.952
G1 X-0.08Y0.946
G1 X-0.176Y0.932
G1 X-0.271Y0.912
G1 X-0.172Y0.409
G1 X-0.201Y0.389
G1 X-0.229Y0.368
G1 X-0.256Y0.347
G1 X-0.28Y0.324
G1 X-0.303Y0.3
G1 X-0.324Y0.276
G1 X-0.344Y0.25
G1 X-0.362Y0.222
G1 X-0.379Y0.195
G1 X-0.393Y0.165
G1 X-0.407Y0.135
G1 X-0.418Y0.104
G1 X-0.428Y0.071
G1 X-0.436Y0.037
G1 X-0.443
G1 X-0.498
G1 X-0.494Y-0.053
G1 X-0.486Y-0.09
G1 X-0.476Y-0.132
G1 X-0.463Y-0.171
G1 X-0.447Y-0.21
G1 X-0.43Y-0.248
G1 X-0.409Y-0.286
G1 X-0.391Y-0.34
G1 X-0.358Y-0.372
G1 X-0.323Y-0.399
G1 X-0.288Y-0.425
G1 X-0.249Y-0.449
G1 X-0.21Y-0.469
G1 X-0.169Y-0.487
G1 X-0.127Y-0.503
G1 X-0.12Y-0.631
G0 X14.567Y-7.989
G1 X2.197
G1 Y17.896
G1 X-2.197
G1 Y-17.896
G0 X5.5Y0
G1 X2.197
G1 Y17.896
G1 X-2.197
G1 Y-17.896
G0 X8.112Y2.706
G1 X-0.277Y0.351
G1 X-0.235Y0.385
G1 X-0.186Y0.416
G1 X-0.197Y0.639
G1 X-0.136Y0.653
G1 X-0.077Y0.663
G1 X-0.015Y0.669
G1 X0.011Y0.55
G1 X0.048Y0.548
G1 X0.088Y0.542
G1 X0.125Y0.536
G1 X0.11Y0.353
G1 X0.143Y0.338
G1 X0.174Y0.322
G1 X0.203Y0.303
G1 X0.231Y0.282
G1 X0.258Y0.259
G1 X0.283Y0.234
G1 X0.307Y0.207
G1 X0.482Y0.233
G1 X0.503Y0.158
G1 X0.516Y0.083
G1 X0.519Y0.009
G1 X0.516Y-0.065
G1 X0.503Y-0.138
G1 X0.483Y-0.211
G1 X0.455Y-0.284
G1 X0.246Y-0.204
G1 X0.228Y-0.223
G1 X0.208Y-0.239
G1 X0.188Y-0.255
G1 X0.166Y-0.27
G1 X0.144Y-0.282
G1 X0.121Y-0.295
G1 X0.098Y-0.304
G1 X0.15Y-0.673
G1 X0.092Y-0.682
G1 X0.036Y-0.687
G1 X-0.022Y-0.689
G1 X-0.041Y-0.526
G1 X-0.082Y-0.521
G1 X-0.122Y-0.513
G1 X-0.162Y-0.502
G1 X-0.184Y-0.418
G1 X-0.232Y-0.388
G1 X-0.276Y-0.353
G1 X-0.317Y-0.315
G1 X-0.353Y-0.274
G1 X-0.386Y-0.229
G1 X-0.414Y-0.179
G1 X-0.439Y-0.128
G1 X-0.295Y-0.048
G1 X-0.297Y-0.026
G1 X-0.297
G1 X-0.298Y0.015
G1 X-0.386Y0.058
G1 X-0.438Y0.127
G1 X-0.413Y0.178
G1 X-0.386Y0.227
G1 X-0.354Y0.271
G1 X-0.318Y0.312
G0 X-2.206Y-0.633
G1 X0.253Y-0.33
G1 X0.276Y-0.31
G1 X0.297Y-0.287
G1 X0.318Y-0.264
G1 X0.336Y-0.24
G1 X0.354Y-0.214
G1 X0.37Y-0.188
G1 X0.384Y-0.161
G1 X0.397Y-0.132
G1 X0.408Y-0.102
G1 X0.419Y-0.071
G1 X0.428Y-0.04
G1 X0.542Y-0.026
G1 X0.542Y0.012
G1 X0.606Y0.058
G1 X0.591Y0.117
G1 X0.574Y0.175
G1 X0.553Y0.231
G1 X0.527Y0.285
G1 X0.497Y0.336
G1 X0.464Y0.387
G1 X0.425Y0.434
G1 X0.438Y0.606
G1 X0.353Y0.656
G1 X0.263Y0.696
G1 X0.168Y0.729
G1 X0.143Y1.005
G1 X0.051Y1.011
G1 X-0.04Y1.012
G1 X-0.132Y1.007
G1 X-0.157Y0.68
G1 X-0.236Y0.65
G1 X-0.31Y0.612
G1 X-0.379Y0.569
G1 X-0.444Y0.52
G1 X-0.504Y0.465
G1 X-0.561Y0.405
G1 X-0.611Y0.337
G1 X-0.392Y0.158
G1 X-0.4Y0.132
G1 X-0.406Y0.107
G1 X-0.412Y0.08
G1 X-0.417Y0.054
G1 X-0.419Y0.027
G1 X-0.421
G1 X-0.422Y-0.027
G1 X-0.562Y-0.06
G1 X-0.55Y-0.113
G1 X-0.535Y-0.166
G1 X-0.514Y-0.215
G1 X-0.492Y-0.263
G1 X-0.466Y-0.31
G1 X-0.435Y-0.355
G1 X-0.402Y-0.398
G1 X-0.275Y-0.349
G1 X-0.248Y-0.365
G1 X-0.22Y-0.382
G1 X-0.192Y-0.396
G1 X-0.163Y-0.409
G1 X-0.134Y-0.42
G1 X-0.103Y-0.43
G1 X-0.073Y-0.437
G1 X-0.077Y-0.576
G1 X-0.045Y-0.577
G1 X-0.011Y-0.578
G1 X0.02Y-0.577
G1 X0.054Y-0.576
G1 X0.086Y-0.571
G1 X0.118Y-0.567
G1 X0.15Y-0.561
G1 X0.147Y-0.404
G1 X0.176Y-0.386
G1 X0.203Y-0.37
G1 X0.229Y-0.35
G0 X20.643Y-2.073
G1 X2.197
G1 Y6.726
G1 X0.006Y0.43
G1 X0.017Y0.579
G1 X0.064Y0.575
G1 X0.11Y0.568
G1 X0.157Y0.558
G1 X0.199Y0.423
G1 X0.258Y0.38
G1 X0.31Y0.332
G1 X0.355Y0.28
G1 X0.393Y0.223
G1 X0.425Y0.16
G1 X0.45Y0.095
G1 X0.467Y0.024
G1 X0.383Y-0.012
G1 X0.374Y-0.073
G1 X0.357Y-0.135
G1 X0.332Y-0.192
G1 X0.256Y-0.26
G1 X0.206Y-0.298
G1 X0.155Y-0.327
G1 X0.097Y-0.351
G1 X0.062Y-0.317
G1 X0.044Y-0.32
G1 X0.024Y-0.322
G1 Y-0.323
G1 Y-8.423
G1 X2.202
G1 Y7.532
G1 X0.008Y0.53
G1 X0.062Y0.526
G1 X0.115Y0.516
G1 X0.168Y0.503
G1 X0.188Y0.358
G1 X0.233Y0.324
G1 X0.273Y0.286
G1 X0.307Y0.246
G1 X0.337Y0.203
G1 X0.363Y0.156
G1 X0.384Y0.106
G1 X0.401Y0.052
G1 X0.347Y0.019
G1 X0.345Y-0.026
G1 X0.339Y-0.067
G1 X0.329Y-0.111
G1 X0.242Y-0.119
G1 X0.22Y-0.15
G1 X0.195Y-0.176
G1 X0.17Y-0.201
G1 X0.141Y-0.221
G1 X0.11Y-0.24
G1 X0.078Y-0.254
G1 X0.042Y-0.266
G1 X0.067Y-0.678
G1 X0.017Y-0.681
G1 Y-8.167
G1 X2.185
G1 Y8.899
G1 X-0.011Y0.595
G1 X-0.071Y0.589
G1 X-0.132Y0.579
G1 X-0.191Y0.563
G1 X-0.174Y0.347
G1 X-0.212Y0.32
G1 X-0.247Y0.291
G1 X-0.278Y0.259
G1 X-0.307Y0.224
G1 X-0.332Y0.188
G1 X-0.354Y0.147
G1 X-0.374Y0.106
G1 X-0.691Y0.123
G1 X-0.699Y0.03
G1 X-0.697Y-0.066
G1 X-0.684Y-0.159
G1 X-0.351Y-0.137
G1 X-0.338Y-0.163
G1 X-0.323Y-0.189
G1 X-0.306Y-0.213
G1 X-0.29Y-0.236
G1 X-0.271Y-0.258
G1 X-0.25Y-0.279
G1 X-0.229Y-0.299
G1 X-0.196Y-0.275
G1 X-0.103Y0.262
G1 X-0.196Y0.374
G1 X-0.239Y0.342
G1 X-0.278Y0.307
G1 X-0.314Y0.269
G1 X-0.344Y0.228
G1 X-0.372Y0.183
G1 X-0.395Y0.136
G1 X-0.414Y0.086
G1 X-0.388Y0.059
G1 X-0.39Y0.03
G1 X-0.39
G1 X-0.388Y-0.031
G1 X-0.385Y-0.061
G1 X-0.379Y-0.089
G1 X-0.373Y-0.12
G1 X-0.364Y-0.148
G1 X-0.553Y-0.317
G1 X-0.502Y-0.387
G1 X-0.445Y-0.453
G1 X-0.381Y-0.511
G1 Y1.819
G1 X-1.965
G1 Y-12.964
G0 X22.729Y2.769
G1 X-0.097Y0.335
G1 X-0.036Y0.344
G1 X0.027Y0.345
G1 X0.088Y0.337
G1 X0.15Y0.32
G1 X0.212Y0.294
G1 X0.268Y0.235
G1 X0.297Y0.191
G1 X0.323Y0.146
G1 X0.343Y0.097
G1 X0.976Y0.204
G1 X0.987Y0.147
G1 X0.542Y0.093
G1 X0.629Y0.116
G1 X0.621Y0.147
G1 X0.613Y0.178
G1 X0.604Y0.208
G1 X0.014Y-0.521
G1 X-0.01Y-0.521
G1 X-0.034Y-0.521
G1 X-0.058Y-0.518
G1 X-0.09Y-0.419
G1 X-0.14Y-0.399
G1 X-0.188Y-0.375
G1 X-0.234Y-0.348
G1 X-0.274Y-0.316
G1 X-0.314Y-0.279
G1 X-0.349Y-0.24
G1 X-0.381Y-0.195
G1 X-0.556Y-0.213
G1 X-0.576Y-0.141
G1 X-0.59Y-0.069
G1 X-0.595Y0.007
G1 X-0.292Y0.027
G1 X-0.418Y0.07
G1 X-0.396Y0.143
G1 X-0.364Y0.212
G1 X-0.323Y0.275
G1 X-0.22Y0.289
G1 X-0.159Y0.315
G0 X-2.349Y-0.334
G1 X0.092Y-0.293
G1 X0.118Y-0.286
G1 X0.143Y-0.278
G1 X0.168Y-0.269
G1 X0.223Y-0.273
G1 X0.247Y-0.25
G1 X0.267Y-0.225
G1 X0.287Y-0.198
G1 X0.304Y-0.172
G1 X0.319Y-0.142
G1 X0.332Y-0.113
G1 X0.343Y-0.082
G1 X0.521Y-0.088
G1 X0.525Y-0.049
G1 X0.527Y-0.011
G1 X0.527Y0.028
G1 X0.616Y0.08
G1 X0.441Y0.099
G1 X0.432Y0.127
G1 X0.423Y0.154
G1 X0.411Y0.181
G1 X0.399Y0.206
G1 X0.386Y0.232
G1 X0.37Y0.256
G1 X0.355Y0.28
G1 X0.303Y0.25
G1 X0.065Y-0.443
G1 X0.062Y-0.299
G1 X0.084Y-0.292
G1 X0.104Y-0.287
G1 X0.125Y-0.278
G1 X2.295
G1 X-0.275Y0.587
G1 X-0.199Y0.614
G1 X-0.123Y0.634
G1 X-0.044Y0.647
G1 X-0.045Y1.475
G1 X-0.01Y1.475
G1 Y2.93
G1 Y0.508
G1 X-0.013Y0.507
G1 X-0.038Y0.507
G1 X-0.059Y0.504
G1 X-0.102Y0.403
G1 X-0.149Y0.386
G1 X-0.195Y0.366
G1 X-0.237Y0.341
G1 X-0.39Y0.36
G1 X-0.433Y0.301
G1 X-0.471Y0.24
G1 X-0.501Y0.173
G1 X-0.668Y0.147
G1 X-0.673Y0.1
G1 X-0.678Y0.052
G1 X-0.678
G1 X-0.677Y-0.04
G1 X-0.673Y-0.092
G1 X-0.666Y-0.139
G1 X-0.658Y-0.187
G1 X-0.313Y-0.112
G1 X-0.301Y-0.137
G1 X-0.288Y-0.16
G1 X-0.274Y-0.182
G1 X-0.259Y-0.204
G1 X-0.241Y-0.225
G1 X-0.223Y-0.244
G1 X-0.204Y-0.262
G1 X-0.272Y-0.472
G1 X-0.226Y-0.493
G1 X-0.177Y-0.514
G1 X-0.127Y-0.529
G1 X2.148Y-0.293
G1 X0.095Y0.332
G1 X0.134Y0.397
G1 X0.183Y0.376
G1 X0.23Y0.35
G1 X0.272Y0.319
G1 X0.317Y0.233
G1 X0.346Y0.182
G1 X0.369Y0.128
G1 X0.387Y0.073
G1 X0.628Y0.071
G1 X0.63
G1 X0.627Y-0.055
G1 X0.619Y-0.126
G1 X0.334Y-0.112
G1 X0.313Y-0.158
G1 X0.288Y-0.199
G1 X0.258Y-0.239
G1 X0.167Y-0.256
G1 X0.13Y-0.274
G1 X0.09Y-0.29
G1 X0.051Y-0.301
G1 X0.039Y-0.597
G1 X-0.013Y-0.598
G1 X-0.806Y-0.226
G1 X-0.816Y-0.187
G1 X-0.823Y-0.151
G1 X-0.83Y-0.112
G1 X-1.483Y-0.187
G1 X-0.52Y-0.094
G1 X-0.514Y-0.12
G1 X-0.508Y-0.146
G1 X-0.497Y-0.2
G1 X-0.467Y-0.259
G1 X-0.431Y-0.313
G1 X-0.392Y-0.366
G1 X-0.2Y-0.245
G1 X-0.177Y-0.259
G1 X-0.153Y-0.269
G1 X-0.129Y-0.279
G1 X-0.184Y-0.579
G1 X-0.088Y-0.598
G1 X0.012Y-0.605
G1 X0.11Y-0.598
G0 X14.62Y-2.435
G1 X2.197
G1 Y7.08
G1 X0.016Y0.598
G1 X0.035Y0.483
G1 X0.075Y0.478
G1 X0.116Y0.47
G1 X0.156Y0.459
G1 X0.205Y0.39
G1 X0.265Y0.349
G1 X0.319Y0.3
G1 X0.366Y0.244
G1 X0.359Y0.186
G1 X0.373Y0.143
G1 X0.385Y0.101
G1 X0.392Y0.057
G1 X0.396Y0.014
G1 X0.397Y-0.03
G1 X0.393Y-0.074
G1 X0.386Y-0.119
G1 X0.404Y-0.205
G1 X0.35Y-0.282
G1 X0.286Y-0.346
G1 X0.21Y-0.402
G1 X0.129Y-0.492
G1 X0.086Y-0.501
G1 X0.042Y-0.506
G1 Y-8.395
G1 X2.197
G1 X0.01Y4.169
G1 X-0.014Y4.613
G1 X-0.021Y0.444
G1 X-0.039Y0.441
G1 X-0.058Y0.44
G1 X-0.119Y0.483
G1 X-0.177Y0.463
G1 X-0.232Y0.438
G1 X-0.286Y0.407
G1 X-0.293Y0.291
G1 X-0.323Y0.255
G1 X-0.351Y0.217
G1 X-0.374Y0.175
G1 X-0.484Y0.173
G1 X-0.495Y0.127
G1 X-0.503Y0.083
G1 X-0.507Y0.038
G1 X-0.508Y-0.007
G1 X-0.506Y-0.052
G1 X-0.502Y-0.098
G1 X-0.494Y-0.143
G1 X-0.346Y-0.144
G1 X-0.332Y-0.171
G1 X-0.315Y-0.196
G1 X-0.298Y-0.221
G1 X-0.279Y-0.244
G1 X-0.26Y-0.266
G1 X-0.237Y-0.287
G1 X-0.214Y-0.307
G1 Y1.843
G1 X-1.978
G1 Y-12.964
G1 S0
; return to starting pos
G0 X-95Y-0.294

When I select GRBL 1.1 or earlier it will turn the laser off between between letters using the the M3 command not M4 which is not the mode of operation i am looking for.

any advice greatly apreciated
Thank you.

Can you run these commands in Console and return output?


Thanks berainlb
As requested

[VER:2.20.NighthawkCNC2.20 2022-JUN-12 4A:]


[MSG:Using machine:Nighthawk Hardware 2.1]

[MSG:No Wifi]

[MSG:Mode=BT:Name=NighthawkBT(AC:67:B2:DF:2D:8A):Status=Connected with A0:59:50:79:66:F6]



















































The following is a bit of gcode from lasergrbl and has varying s values and works as it should but i cannot get this output from lightburn

G90 (use absolute coordinates)
G0 X0 Y0 F1000
M4 S0
G0 X46.667 Y13.333 S0
G1 X47 S47
X47.333 S86
X47.667 S109
X48 S137
X48.333 S164
X48.667 S192
X49 S211
X51.333 S215
X51.667 S192
X52 S160
X52.333 S133
X52.667 S105
X53 S74
X53.333 S31
G0 X56 Y13.667 S0
G1 X55.667 S19
X55.333 S54
X55 S137
X54.667 S274
X54.333 S388
X54 S494
X53.667 S588
X53.333 S670
X53 S756
X52.667 S823
X52.333 S870
X52 S909
X51.667 S952
X48.667 S1000
X48.333 S996
X48 S952
X47.667 S913
X47.333 S874
X47 S839
X46.667 S780
X46.333 S698
X46 S615
X45.667 S529
X45.333 S427
X45 S321
X44.667 S168
X44.333 S54
G0 X42.667 Y14 S0
G1 X43 S145
X43.333 S301
X43.667 S439
X44 S588
X44.333 S741
X44.667 S890
X45 S960
X54.667 S1000
X55 S988
X55.333 S949
X55.667 S886
X56 S756
X56.333 S627
X56.667 S486


This is not a standard GRBL release so uncertain if it’s meant to support variable power or not but I assume it’s a newer variant. However, it looks like it hasn’t been built with variable spindle option based on the OPT codes.

If that’s true then you may need to use GRBL-M3 device profile for this to work. You’ll not have the benefit of dynamic variable power without M4. You may want to reach out to the manufacturer if they have a version of the firmware that does support M4.

Yes you are correct but its not a problem with the machine as it runs lasergrbl code wtih out issue.
Its what lightburn is outputting with the post processer that seems to be the problem. Even without the machine connected to lightburn i should still be able to produce gcode with varying s parameters, not just turn the laser on at the start of the code and turn it off at the end.

This is actually fine g-code. Traversal moves using G0 should not burn in laser mode.

Are you using M3 or M4 mode there? Also, have you disabled G0 moves? There are various settings in LaserGRBL that will change output.

Ok thanks berainlb, its taken me a while to get my head around all this trying to figure out how its all meant to work and have come to the realization that the laser isn’t operating as it should in laser mode. I will contact the vendor as suggested.


Not sure if it’s the same model as yours but I saw a video from Nighthawk and they showed a laser engraving using their software and they used M3 for laser control.

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