Laser not turning off in Pause mode

I am still in the trail version of this but i have had the laser stay on several times when i used the pause option. Is there away to stop that from happening?

Would need to know a bit more about your setup to be of help. What controller and firmware (including version number) are you using to drive your laser? What Device profile do you have set in LightBurn?

I am not sure. I will check and see though because that not going off is a major safety hazard!

Rick, What are you referring to as a controller?

This would be the physical electronics card that controls the motion of your laser. The firmware is the code that runs on the controller. LightBurn communicates with the controller itself so this is important information you will need to understand and is required for proper LightBurn setup.

Post a picture of the electronics of your system and we might be able to help identify what you have.
That is the machine that i have. I will check the firmware as soon as i get home. Thank you so much for helping. I am new to all of this. I have been using a handheld wood burner to do all of my engravings.

how do i find what firmware?

The link you provided shows that your system is running some version of GRBL. At this point, we don’t know if it is the publicly available version of GRBL or some custom version provided by this MFG.

Universal software GRBL compatible with Windows XP, WIN 7, WIN 8, WIN10 alone with offline controller for free.

When you can, post what profile you defined when you initially set up LightBurn. You can see this looking at the bottom of the ‘Laser’ window. Here is a screengrab of mine as I have it currently set.


To display the firmware settings, type $$ into the LightBurn ‘Console’ and hit Return. Copy and Paste the entire contents that get spit back here so we can review the results.


We can go from there.


and i am running windows 8, 64 bit

Thanks. Looking at this, you will notice that the firmware you are running is Grbl 1.1f. You should also see an error being reported just after trying to home, “error 5”.


Here is what all these settings mean. You will want to familiarize yourself with this as these are important to get your system dialed to its optimum performance.

The ‘error 5’ is a homing error. Do you have limit switches installed? The homing function tells your controller to seek out its limit switches, and set its home position based on them. If you don’t have limit switches, it won’t work, and you’ll get that error and therefore you can’t use any sort of absolute positioning within LightBurn. It’s GRBL telling you that homing isn’t enabled on your controller.

In LightBurn set the ‘Start From’ mode to ‘Current Position’ and you’ll likely have better luck.

I also notice you do not have $32 - Laser Mode enabled. In the console type $32=1 and hit Return to change this setting. You can check that this change took by again typing $$ and Return to list all settings again.

Also, check the ‘Device Settings’ to ensure you have ‘S-value max’ set to 1000.

Give these changes a try and let us know how you are getting on.

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I don’t have limit switches. How do i add them?

this is what my settings screen looks like

the laser controller didnt even stop after the changes were made. the laser kept burning and moving… please let me know if u can think of anything else i need to change!!! thank you so much for your help today!!!

So, you’ve entered $32=1 in the console and pressed enter (or enabled Laser Mode and clicked the ‘Write’ button to send them to the controller?)

Can you check to see if that setting was retained? Type $$ in the console and press enter, and look to see that the $32 setting is now $32=1. If it isn’t, try just entering this in the console and pressing enter: $32=1

Then try doing the $$ command again to see if it took.

This is where the “Y” part of DIY laser comes in. :slight_smile: I have not been through this process with this setup so I would not be of much help. It should be a straight forward process, you might start with some google searching for ‘How to’s’.

I entered $32=1 in the console. I will check on that as soon as i get off work and get back with you.

Thank you so much for your help!!! Maybe i can get this all worked out!

Please help! my settings are set at what they are supposed to be

Hey Rick. I looked into installing the limit switches and it seems pretty simple! but it now says cut maybe out of bounds when i hit start! :woman_facepalming: