Laser not turning on

Lightburn will not turn my laser on the head moves but no laser RDworks is ok ?

Welcome and sorry to hear you are having difficulties, but we are going to need a bit more information to help track down the issue you are having. I can assure you, we have many Aeon users and thousands of customers using LightBurn with Ruida controllers like the one found inside your Aeon. So I am confident we can get you going.

What version number of LightBurn are you using? Is it the trial version? On which OS? Is this for all jobs that you have tried or something in particular? What is the job and what are the settings for that job? Did you try the same file on both RDWorks and LightBurn using the exact same settings?

Please provide as much as you can to help us reproduce this issue on our end.

One guess…, Are you trying to run the speed of a cut at or below 10 mm/sec? If so, the controller uses the Min Power value only, so if you are doing really slow cutting, and aren’t setting that, that’s your problem. If you cut at 10.1mm/sec or higher, the controller ramps from Min Power up to Max Power as you get to the requested speed.

This lower value is also commonly called ‘corner power’ as it’s the power setting used when the controller slows for sharp corners.

This isn’t a LightBurn issue, but a Ruida one that’s quite common. There’s a controller setting called “Start Speed” that defaults to 10mm/sec. At that speed, power starts ramping up from Min Power to Max Power. Cutting at or below that speed means you’re using Min Power only, so if you’re cutting slow, set both Min and Max power the same and you’ll have no issues. Possible cutting (line) error

Could this be the issue?

I think I am working it out I had a new hard drive put in my laptop and then I put the latest lightburn and the settings for the laser when you’re actually have a drawing want to create the settings I am probably a bit confused In the cut setting editor these laser 1& laser 2 which should be enabled,
And generic outputs 1 & 2 with playing around with all these I can eventually get it working but I have no idea which ones are which what they refer to. There is cut info which also has laser 1 & laser 2 -enabled do these have to be the same effect
It would be great if I could type in generic out puts & find out what it does or means in help
Sorry to seem vague but I only work with the program when time allows which is not much

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