Laser not working/ $$ command not showing up

My laser will not engrave but only trace the drawing. In the forum I read that I have to check the S-Value.
Now the problem is that if I type in $$ it will only say “ok” instead of giving me the info.
Is there any setting that I have to enable?
I am using a neje maser 3500 (gbrl 1.1f)

Are you sure it’s GRBL and not BenBox or whatever mangled firmware they usually ship with?

“Control software update to benbox\ LaserGRBL and LightBurn in GRBL1.1f mode (default Benbox firmware)”

“Another processor is Atmel, which supports BENBOX firmware and GRBL 1.1F firmware.”

“NEJE Master2 supports LightBurn software with firmware GRBL1.1F.”

According to them grbl 1.1f should be the right choice, but they are indeed talking about the BenBox firmware.

When you first connect LightBurn, the console should show GRBL or BenBox connection messages. The original Neje shipped with Benbox, and even after flashing to their version of GRBL it was useless because they removed laser mode, homing, and limits. Supposedly the Neje 2 doesn’t have those problems, but I’m betting they’re still shipping it with Benbox.

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