Laser on between objects

I’m Building a Pen plotter with standard Grbl. I’ve build a simple Arduino interface to control the servo.

What i’m trying to achieve is that the laser/pen is always 100% even in the corners/at low speed.

I’ve set:

But now it is also on even when moving between objects.

I’ve tried checking the “Use G0 moves for overscan” option but the result is the same.

How can i prevent the laser from firing between objects?

Please try $31=0. $31=255 is full power.

I tried that but then the laser is not always at 100%. And thus lifting the servo at slow speeds.

If there’s a other setting to keep the laser at 100% I would like to know.


Then, in 0.9.21 or higher, click the ‘Constant power’ toggle in the cut layer setting:


That worked perfectly, Thanks!

I do have those set. Like you said and still traverse lines.

You’re jumping into an existing thread - post your settings? (type $$ into the console and press enter)

I push $$ nothing happens

I’m going to hook up a different machine

When you first connect to the laser, does any text get written in the console? With GRBL, for example, you’ll see “GRBL 1.1f [$H for help]” or similar. If you have the wrong firmware on your laser you might see “benbox 1.3” or something else entirely.

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